Friday 30th September 2022

Principal's News

There has been so much to celebrate this week. Celebrations of Learning, our 10 year birthday as Annesley Junior School and to celebrate the end of term today is PJ Day!

We have had so much fun spending the last day of term in our PJs fundraising for the RSPCA. Thank you Base 4 students for organising this event as part of your Enterprise!

Celebrations of Learning

Our responsibility to the young minds and hearts that we learn alongside each day is to ensure that learning at Annesley is significant, relevant, engaging and challenging. Our learners are capable thinkers and, as impending caretakers of our world, deserve a conceptually rich, globalised program of inquiry. It has been a joy to see this learning shared with families during Learning Celebrations at the end of term. 

In the ELC, students with their families have made maps, collaborative artworks, thinking puzzles and viewed an Art Gallery 

Reception students shared their Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry demonstrating what they have learnt about the role of plants in our world and how to care for them. 

Year 1 have been visiting the Central Market and next term will invite families to their marketplace, putting into action their understanding of their marketplace Unit of Inquiry. 

Year 2 students have been town planners and this week showcased their built towns, information and news reports as a culmination of their learning in the How the World Works Unit of Inquiry.

Students in Base 3 shared their animal habitats, showcasing their understanding of their Sharing the Planet unit ‘Changes to the balance of ecosystems can impact the survival of living things’. 

Base 4 students created a Wax Museum in Gillingham Hall. Using dramatic characterisation, they  portrayed wax exhibits of explorers who have written the history books, sharing their research that deepened their inquiry into Where We are In Time and Place.  

Base 5 students invited parents and grandparents in on Monday to share their migration stories, young and old, as well as some food from their home lands.  

Base 5 & 6/7 shone in their Drama Performance ‘School Daze’. This was the culmination of their How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry showcasing their development in all areas of theatrical performance and production. 

Reporting - Learning Progressions

At Annesley, our reporting intentionally involves the learner to build their assessment capability. Assessment is done ‘with’ them, rather than ‘of’ them. They are involved in setting goals, demonstrating skills and collecting evidence of achievement in many ways at Annesley, but particularly using the Australian Curriculum Learning Progressions. This term in Reception to Year 7, a Learning Progression conference between each learner and their class teacher/mentor has been shared on Seesaw, reporting to parents their achievement and next steps of learning against one of the sub-elements of Creating Texts. In Term 4, the Learning Progressions reporting focus will be Number and Algebra.  

Staffing Update

This week we have warmly welcomed two new Annesley team members to administration roles in our School. Catherine (Cat) Rogowski has taken on the role of EA to the Executive team and Lauren Lock will be providing administration support in our Front Office. Both Cat and Lauren bring extensive and varied administration skillsets and personal traits that will compliment our Annesley Team. 

Spotlight on Enterprise

In Enterprise, our students are given time each week to use their strengths and your passions to add value to the world around them. Our students do this is many and varied ways, enjoy many successes and learn from experiences and failures. In a creative economy, and a complex globalised world, diverse skillsets are sought by employers with a particular focus on skills of critical thinking, communication collaboration, resilience, perseverance, reflection and goal-setting. 

This week we highlight Noah in Base 3 sharing his strength in language and passion for his family culture and how he has used this successfully in Enterprise this term. This video is a must watch!

Also some Base 4 boys who are passionate about soccer not only created a soccer clinic for their peers, but invited Adelaide United to join in too this week, ably communicating with the Community Programs Coordinator at Adelaide United to organise. 

School Daze Performance

On Monday 26th September, Base 5 and 6/7 performed the production ‘School Daze’ to friends, family and the older primary students.

Bringing a play from script to performance takes time and patience, energy and enthusiasm, resilience and good nature and all of these young people demonstrated these qualities during the process. From choosing a play, marketing, blocking scenes, working on characterisation, building projection skills and learning lines and how to use intonation for best effect, to performing in front of an audience, learning how to use the sound, projection and lights desks and many more skills, these young people have learnt so much.

Putting on a production is a valuable experience which has developed social and interpersonal, as well as critical and creative thinking skills. An incredibly valuable experience and we are very grateful for the skill of our Performing Arts Teacher Sophie Waller in our community!

Happy 10th Birthday Annesley Junior School!

Dear Annesley,

Happy Birthday. You are the greatest school of all time. We enjoy the agency we are given, the flexibility that allows us to choose how we use our time to learn. We love the amazing staff that guide us, teach us and make sure we are feeling safe and happy all the time and ensure we have the best education possible.

One of the greatest things about Annesley is the understanding that everyone doesn’t learn the same way. At Annesley we can learn the way we learn best. The best part about Annesley is all the opportunities. We can run our own businesses in Enterprise, create and act in a performance, become a student leader and we’re taken on amazing adventures through Quest from the zoo to the beach and all the way to Victoria on Road Trip. Experiencing the amazing outdoors through these unique and fun experiences.

Annesley you are amazing! Enjoy your well deserved birthday.

From Eamon and Abby, School Leaders 2022

Quest News

The final weeks of the Quest program have been action packed for both Base 3 and 5. 

 Base 5 completed their journey in week 9 by visiting The Living Kaurna Cultural Centre. Students caught the train and tram to Flinders Station and after a short walk arrived at the Warriparinga Wetlands where they walked the trails and sampled a variety of bush tucker. In the afternoon, students worked with centre staff to create their own artistic pieces, learning about the symbols used by Kaurna people to tell stories and communicate. 

Base 3 have continued to enjoy a number of exciting and enriching tasks at the Adelaide Zoo, even assisting keepers to create behaviour enrichment devices for the resident meerkats. This week as a final experience, Base 3 headed to Monarto Safari Park, where they were treated to a bus tour of the site in what was a fitting end to what has been a unique and inspiring Quest program.  

Watch this space as The Quest continues with Base 4 Surf Life Saving at the beach and Base 6/7 Road Trip in Term 4! 

Local Buy Annesley Market


The Local Buy Annesley Market on Wednesday was a huge success with many of our Enterprise stalls completely selling out of stock! We are very  proud of our stall holders and a big thank you to our parent community for your continued support!


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