Friday 11th November 2022

Principal's News

Budding Lunch Wednesday 9th November

Well, we did it! Our first Budding School Lunch here at Annesley!


Annesley is a dynamic, progressive learning environment, where we value the opportunity to question and challenge what school should be. Schools often follow paths of ‘what has always been done’ as accepted norms that are working okay, but not necessarily reaching the best outcomes for the most precious commodity we have – the young hearts, minds and bodies of the young people we are privileged to learn alongside each and every day. It is our responsibility here at Annesley to continually question and strive for what’s best for these young people and generations to come in Australia.


What’s best for kids?

  • Short-term and long-term health outcomes from eating a variety of colourful, nutrient-rich food in the middle of the day
  • Seasonal food to fuel bodies for optimal learning engagement
  • Social skills, the benefits of eating with friends and teachers
  • Sustainable practices to minimise food waste and litter from processed lunchbox food


A school lunch program in Australia may seem ambitious, but you don’t need to look too far afield to see countries are doing this each and every day for their school-aged children. We are already doing this in child-care centres in Australia.


I was so proud of our Annesley students’ enthusiasm, risk-taking and open-mindedness this week! I am also very grateful to our Annesley community for your support. The joy that Budding Lunch brought to our students drives us forward to explore how this program can grow. Please come and chat further if you are interested in being part of this discussion!


My favourite quote of the day:

‘Jo, I tried a pickle for the first time today!’ – Year 2 student

Celebration of Christmas

Join us to celebrate Christmas with ELC – Base 6/7 families and friends on Friday 25th November

  • 5 – 5:45pm Local Buy Annesley Christmas Market
  • 5:30-6pm Families are invited to bring a picnic to enjoy in the gardens before the show starts
  • 6 – 7pm The Story of – ‘Celebration of Christmas’

Please note – this is an alcohol free event

PYP Exhibition 2022

At Annesley, our senior students lead a student-directed Unit of Inquiry in collaborative groups and create an exhibition in Gillingham Hall to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and attributes as a PYP learner. Each group explored the central idea ‘Sustainable businesses are agile and responsive to unpredictable and changeable conditions’, creating their own inquiry aligned with their enterprise projects, reflecting their strengths and passions.

Events at Annesley

After the fabulous success of the 120th Gala Event and the freedom that the post-pandemic environment again brings, there is a great opportunity to have and plan some community events for 2023. Any parents who are interested in working in small parent teams for an event or two next year, please email your interest to

Spotlight on Enterprise

A Base 5 Enterprise group has collaborated with a Grandparent expert to form their Enterprise ‘Feel Good Knitting’. They have persevered throughout the year to create quality products to sell at the Local Buy Annesley Markets this year. Keep an eye out for them at the Local Buy Annesley Christmas Market!

Developing strengths, passions skills

Congratulations to Miroslava in Base 5 who has been awarded a Young Composers Award by ASME (Australian Society of Music Education). She played her composition ‘Riverfall’ on the grand piano in Gillingham Hall at Assembly this week and it was truly magnificent.

Quest News

So much happening to build human capacity in our Annesley students to prepare them well to create belonging and impact now and in their future!

  • Base 6/7 this week have been on a Road Trip in South-East South Australia and Victoria. It’s all about journeying together over many kilometres and wild adventures! They’ve mountain-biked, kayaked, hiked and gone caving!
  • Base 4 continue their Surf Lifesaving at Glenelg Beach once a week this term, navigating a range of unpredictable weather conditions
  • Base 4 in Week 5 will camp out in the Annesley Gardens with a significant adult in their lives, creating inter-generational time together as a community.
  • Base 6/7 in Week 6 will take Base 5 to the ForkTree Project in Carackalinga to teach them all they have learnt in their partnership with this sustainability venture, a handing over of sorts for Base 5 to embark on their own journey in 2023!

Annesley College Council

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from members of our Annesley Community to join the Annesley College Council. This volunteer board provides governance for our School, meeting monthly onsite throughout the year on a weekday evening. The School Council seeks to fill Council positions with a range of complimentary skillsets. We are currently particularly interested in meeting with professionals who have a strong finance, HR or marketing background.


Please forward an Expression of Interest to our Chair of Council, Mr Bruce Spangler AM – by 9am, Friday 20th November.


Previous applicants are encouraged to apply again.

Dad’s Basketball - Next session Thursday 1st December

A group of fun-loving Dads are meeting on the first Thursday of every month for a social basketball game in our school gym at 6.30pm, followed by a drink at the Cremorne Hotel.

All Annesley Dads are welcome and encouraged to make contact with Annesley Dad, Nick on 0411080235 if they would like to join in the WhatsApp group. The next catch up is Thursday 1st December.

Year 2 Ben's Class News

Wattle Room News

The PYP Advantage: Part 5 - Approaches to Learning (ALTs)

Vacation Care Program

As we approach the December / January holiday period, we are excited to share the first glimpse of our vacation care program. Please note that bookings will open online next week, and families will be notified via School Stream when bookings are live.

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