Friday 25th November 2022

Principal's News

At Annesley, we invest in the personalisation of the schooling experience. The ‘one size fits all’ schooling model is no longer acceptable in a world where diversity has greater recognition and value. It is no longer acceptable when technology is taking over automated skills in the workforce at a rapid rate. Humans are diverse by design, and this is essential to our survival. The future changemakers we are privileged to educate need diverse skillsets to make impact in an increasingly complex world. I am proud when walking into learning spaces at Annesley any day of the week to see children engaged in many different tasks because they are known by their teachers and have choice in their learning.

We are committed to small class sizes at Annesley. I don’t know of another school that intentionally keeps their class sizes as small as Annesley. Some research says that class sizes don’t matter, making the point that the quality of the teacher is of greater importance. Class sizes do matter at Annesley. We work to ensure that our children are known, valued and their schooling journey allows them to develop their foundational skills in personalised ways, build on their strengths and discover their passions.

We attract and retain outstanding teachers at Annesley, and I would proudly have my children taught by any teacher in our School. Next Thursday evening, each primary family will receive an email notifying their class placement for 2023 and on Friday morning, children will spend time in their new learning spaces.

It is exciting to be planning for next year!

Budding Lunch Program - The results are in....

At our Budding Lunch Program launch, a Flinders University Research Team asked our students some key questions. Here are the results!

Are students interested in regular, family-style school lunch meal service?

Year 2 to 5 students: Should Annesley have the Budding Lunch Program in 2023? (N=82)

Yes = 75 (91.5%)

No = 7 (8.5%)

Reception to Year 1: Was there a food that you enjoyed eating at lunch today? (N=103)

(note multiple responses by some students)

Yes = 100 (97.1%)

No = 3 (2.9%)

Base 3 Joe's Class News

Spotlight on Enterprise

What does Enterprise look like for students who are passionate about the Arts?

Elise and Eliza in Base 3 this year have created ‘Colour Splat’, an Art Workshop that they have run regularly throughout the year for younger students at Annesley. Over time, they have learnt from their successes and challenges and refined their offering, facilitating experiences for their peers aligned with their passion!

Ellie, Chloe, Florence and Juliette have created TAOA – A drama-based student company at Annesley for other passionate dramatic art enthusiasts in our School. This week they organised a performance for our community in the Drama Studio, performing Cinderella. This inspired a younger group of Year 2 students who also performed their own play as part of this performance.

Events at Annesley

After the fabulous success of the 120th Gala Event and the freedom that the post-pandemic environment again brings, there is a great opportunity to have and plan some community events for 2023. Any parents who are interested in working in small parent teams for an event or two next year, please email your interest to

Art News

Visual Arts (part of the ‘A” in STEAM) provides students with creative and innovative thinking skills to prepare them for the future. Being future focused here at Annesley, we understand that our students will need to be equipped with skills that will allow them to pivot. By the time they graduate (like our Base 6/7 class very soon!) they are able provide creative solutions to problems in unique ways.

In the Visual Arts Studio, students have the freedom to work with mediums of their choices. Over the term we have inquired into different drawing techniques, painting styles, and learnt about a variety of artists during art theory.

At the end of the year, your children will bring home their Visual Arts Journal for 2022. This showcases their learning, their connections with the International Bachelorette’s ‘Central Ideas’ we explored over the year from a Visual Arts perspective.

Sarah Walsh

Reception Visual Arts:

From the back of and off-road jeep to a mysterious woodland or even outer space, Art can transport you into the depths of your imagination. In the Early Years Art Room, we have been going on our own journeys – venturing far and wide to create paintings that tell individual stories. This term we have been investigating the notion “Stories help us to understand and explain our world.” Our platform instead of pages has been paint and our inspiration has been from studying famous paintings that tell fascinating stories. We interpreted paintings and told each other stories based on what we saw. We then decided on key elements we wanted in our own paintings which formed our narrative. Can you guess what the key words for each painting are?

Penny Marshall

Children’s University Graduation

Congratulations to these students who last week graduated with Children’s University Awards at Bonython Hall last week. These students collected learning experiences at various engagements and locations in their own time after school and on weekends. Curious, lifelong learners they are!

Anti-Microbial Awareness Week

Annesley students have been awarded prizes in the recent poster and colouring in competition highlighting Antimicrobial Awareness.

Antimicrobial Awareness Week is held globally each year to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance and promote the responsible use of antimicrobials.

Raising public awareness about the risks of antimicrobial resistance and the importance of using and disposing of antimicrobial medicines safely is a key focus.

Antimicrobial resistance has been identified as one of the greatest threats to human health today.

The prevalence of multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens is rising worldwide. Patients with infections due to resistant bacteria experience delayed recovery and treatment failure and are more likely to die than patients with infections from non-resistant bacteria.

Congratulations to Liora in Base 6/7 who won the poster competition and to Nessy in Year 1 who was a runner up in the colouring competition. Special mention must also go to Keanu in Base 5 and Henry in Year 1 who were finalists.

As winner and runner up Liora and Nessy were invited to a zoom video chat with Professor Nicola Spurrier along with Chief Vet Mary Carr. They both did a great job and were fantastic ambassadors for not only Antimicrobial Awareness but also for Annesley Junior School.

Please follow the link below for a recording of the video chat.

Dad’s Basketball - Next session Thursday 1st December

A group of fun-loving Dads are meeting on the first Thursday of every month for a social basketball game in our school gym at 6.30pm, followed by a drink at the Cremorne Hotel.

All Annesley Dads are welcome and encouraged to make contact with Annesley Dad, Nick on 0411080235 if they would like to join in the WhatsApp group. The next catch up is Thursday 1st December.

Quest News

The Great SA Road Trip!

The culminating event on The Quest calendar is the annual Road Trip. Designed to foster resilience and independence, while showcasing some of the South Australia’s greatest offerings, this truly unique experience is experiential learning at its finest!

This year, Base 6/7 hit the road and ventured towards the South East. Students mountain biked through the heart of Robe, hiked Crater Lake in Mt Gambier, crossed the border and kayaked along Glenelg River in Nelson, Victoria, flew drones, met sealions and witnessed a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. They camped under the stars at Bellwether Winery and fell in love Gerardo the donkey.

5 days, 4 nights, 1300kms, 11hrs 10mins on the road and countless memories summarise one epic adventure.

Library News

I wish to extend my thanks to the school community and families who have supported Scholastic Book Club this year.

The school participated in 6 issues and through the rewards program the school library collections have benefited from an investment of $2485.

The Scholastic Norwood warehouse will be hosting its annual sale.


Thursday 24th November: 8am—5pm
Friday 25th November: 8am—5pm

Norwood Scholastic Warehouse
39 – 41 King Street
Norwood, 5067 SA

This week is the final week for students to borrow from the library.

Week 7 & 8 will be dedicated to returning items on loan and commencing stock take.

Thank you for your support and assistance in the prompt return of library items.


Vacation Care Program

Reminder: Make bookings via the Family Lounge app to secure your spot!

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