Friday 9th December 2022

Principal's News

Christmas time brings many things, including a time for reflection.

At this time, I feel grateful for many things…

  • The humanness and fulfilment found in connections and relationships
  • The safe community we are privileged to live within and learn
  • The opportunity to grow from the year that has brought many joys, challenges and opportunities
  • The journey of learning we take alongside the precious young hearts and minds of children
  • The time to rest, reconnect and restore over the Christmas break

May the weeks ahead be safe and rewarding for our Annesley Families, but also those families who live near and far beyond.

Some words from our Chaplin

As we approach Christmas, things fill up very fast…

Our calendars are filled with Christmas parties, end of work functions, and family gatherings. Our to do lists are filled with home projects, washing, cooking, cleaning, play date supervision, and other outings. The lounge room can get filled with a Christmas tree and decorations. The credit card can get filled with last minute gifts and travel expenses. The fridge gets filled in preparation for visitors. And more…

This time of year, is often filled with the stress of doing, rather than an expression of gratitude and joy through living and simply being! Is this what it’s all about? Is this what Christmas is meant to be? Is this what another year will look like? Too often we can let activity hamper our hope, push out peace, and jam our joy.

This school year has felt full and frantic for much of it, and so I am sure many are looking forward to the summer holidays. But let me encourage you to intentionally make time to consider the things you are grateful for. As you reflect back on 2022 and look ahead to 2023, I invite you to see life, not through activity but through the Nativity. The story of Jesus birth and life, as told through the Christian tradition, offers hope, peace, and joy which is full of meaning. Our children beautifully reminded us through the Christmas concert that Christmas counts for everyone – not because you are a number, but because God knows you by name, and invites you to know Him as you look to Jesus.

May your Christmas and New Year be filled with hope, peace and joy.

Pete Morton

Annesley Chaplain

Professional Learning Week

Next week, while our students enjoy their first week of the summer holidays, the Annesley Team have the opportunity to engage in relevant and sustained collaborative, professional learning.

  • Inquiry Learning in ELC and Reception – Jo Fahey
  • ACER PAT Testing Analysis – Marc Kraij
  • Cultural Intelligence – Serafina Maiorano
  • Maths Additive and Multiplicative Strategies – Desiree Gilbert
  • Child Protection Keeping Safe Curriculum
  • Program of Inquiry Review
  • Child Protection and Hazards
  • Reconciliation Action Project
  • Cyber Security

We congratulate the following students who have been appointed to Student Leadership Positions in 2023

School Leaders – Aria and Logan

Corinth House Leaders – Astrid and Keanu

Delphi House Leaders – Joel and Pascha

Nemea House Leaders – Isla and Tobias

Olympia House Leaders – Fynn and Talia

Environmental Leaders – Alex and Alice

Service Leaders – Deakin and Nate

Mid-Year Reception Monika's News

Creating Belonging

A School Stream Post earlier this week encourages families to share contact details that will be distributed to Parent Class Representatives. This is also an opportunity for parents to nominate to be a Parent Class Representative for 2023 to continue to build belonging in our community.

Banksia News

Creating Impact

Several Base 5 and Base 6 Enterprises decided this year that together they could achieve more. They created APATETIC Industries, a conglomerate of their Enterprise businesses to create impact. At our Graduation Assembly on Monday morning, Eamon (CEO of APATETIC Industries) presented a cheque of $850 to Liz from The Forktree Project, a re-wilding, sustainability venture our students have visited and given service to during their Quest Program.

Base 6 & 7 Graduation

Annesley students develop strengths, discover passions and learn skills to create belonging and impact. We create lifelong learners who know themselves as a learner and have self-management skills to flourish in any learning environment. Our 2022 graduates are ready for their next journey, and we couldn’t be prouder to farewell these students at this important time of transition.

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