Friday 10th February 2023

Principal's News

Budding Lunch

I promise to not go on about Budding Lunch all year, but for now I must!

Annesley is committed to what is best for children. Sometimes this involves challenging what has ‘always been done’ if there are opportunities for innovation or to match a changing world. School lunch programs exist all over the world and are valued by communities as an investment in the health and social outcomes as a key part of ‘learning’. Learning to eat a wide variety of nutrient-dense food, which fuels our body, optimising health, and function. Learning also from eating with others in a social environment as food and tastes are explored.

Budding Lunch is a different experience to a restaurant. Our children aren’t choosing a dish from a menu which is something they know they like and have eaten before. They are offered a variety of foods to try and to learn from. They are eating high quality, local produce that is seasonal, low carb, no sugar, good fats that is cooked simply but presented with care. Each experience is one to grow and learn from.

Intentionally, it is presented on platters and eaten to share. Great conversations are facilitated in this environment between adults and children alike and community is nurtured.

I continue to be inspired to continue this journey by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our students. Students who are sharing their joy at trying something new, walking away with a full tummies and excitement about eating together with friends in the dining room.

I also am encouraged by the support from our parent community, for which I extend my sincere gratitude. As a parent, I’m also focused on what is good for parents and a night off making lunches I place squarely in that category. Tuesday is now my new favourite night of the week!


Director of Primary - Sharyn Darrell

As a member of the professional education community in Adelaide, I have been watching Annesley’s journey and growth for some time and have been inspired by the innovation and commitment to building a positive learning community where students inquire about the world around them to empower them to make an impact now and in the future. I was so excited when the opportunity to be the Director of Primary of Annesley became available.

As an educational leader over the past 15 years, I have experienced a variety of learning environments including regional and metropolitan environments. I have been a part of large and small learning communities in Government, Independent and Catholic sectors where I have learned that positive learning cultures are developed in supportive and trusting collaborative environments focused on growth and inspiration for all. I enjoy learning about education and in 2021 completed a Master of Educational Leadership which continued to build my knowledge about innovative educational practices based on global research and how to positively lead impactful learning environments.

While I am Adelaide born, I began my teaching career in London, England where I met my husband who is also an educator. We have a daughter (13) and a son (11) who keep us very busy outside of the school environment with their own learning experiences and extra-curricular activities. We are a very active family who enjoy exercising our two dogs and going on holidays, whether it be camping in the bush or travelling to international destinations. We love adventures.

It has been a privilege to meet some of the Annesley community over the past couple of weeks and I look forward to continuing to meet everyone. I have visited every classroom over the past two weeks and have let the students know that my learning goal for this term is to learn the names of all the students from Reception to Year 6 by the end of the term. Fingers crossed I can achieve this although if I don’t reach my goal by my timeline, I have told the children that I will be resilient and keep trying!!!


Base 4 Matt News

Most of our students are about halfway through their Annesley journey. The start of a new year seems like a great time to ask them about the things they have experienced so far and what they are still looking forward to. Our students from Base 4M were given an iPad and some questions to answer, then set off to record each other’s responses. Here is a collection of their perspectives.

Playtimes at Annesley

Healthy active students are a high priority in the Annesley community and play breaks are an integral part of the health and wellbeing model. At playtimes students can freely explore, play, connect and engage in physical activity.

Towards the end of last year students indicated eating time at afternoon break should be shorter noting that they finished their food and were ready to play well before the 20 minutes of eating was over.  A group of teachers and students looked at some solutions to this issue and at the end of 2022 we trailed a new eating/playtime schedule where all students R-6 ate for 10 minutes and played together in the yard for 30 minutes. This was a huge success, and we are excited to be continuing this structure going forwards. The benefits of the shared playtime have been huge watching siblings and buddies connect in the yard, multi-age soccer games and calm balanced students have been a highlight for me as well as the bonus hour of physical activity we have added to the student’s week.

Morning break continues to be a longer eater period as this is when most of the students eat their lunch. A separate morning play time for R-2 and 3-6 allows the younger students room to explore the yard and grow in confidence while the older students have more space run and play their own bigger games.

Penny Rawinski – PE and Health Teacher

Buddy Classes

At Annesley we value community and the feelings of belonging that come with being a part of a community. This means building connections with others beyond the classroom. Buddy classes allow students to experience a connection with different students at a different year level, creating friendships that enable both older and younger ‘Buddy’ to bond more closely with their school. This increases the likelihood of more positive school experience for all students. Each year at Annesley classes buddy with another class of a different year level. During the year these classes will organise activities with each other to build positive and supportive relationships. This year the buddy classes at Annesley are as follows;

Reception Monika Year 2 Jodie/Katie & Banksia
Reception Leanne Base 5 Alana
Reception Gaby Year 2 Thea
Year 1 Laura Base 3 Rosie
Year 1 Bella Base 3 Millie
Year 1 Amy Base 4 Matt
Year 2 Natalie Base 4 Steph
Base 3 Joe Base 5 Darren

Our Base 6 students are Annesley seniors and work all classes in a leadership capacity.

Parent Class Representatives 2023

A warm welcome to the following parents who have nominated themselves to be Parent Class Reps in 2023. Thank you for helping to create belonging in our community.

Banksia Room Kellyann Kar
Eucalypt Room Krissy Medhurst
Grevillea Room Tara Murdoch Moore & Jess Cronin
Wattle Room Jenna Yates
Reception Gaby Krissy Medhurst
Reception Leanne Saxon Sabatino
Reception Monika Ann Griffiths & Sara Kruse
Year 1 Amy Shari Dare
Year 1 Bella Rebecca Short
Year 1 Laura Marzena Kostecka
Year 2 Jodie & Katie Sarah Ellis
Year 2 Natalie Taran Manes
Year2 Thea Hayley Adams & Olivia Barnhurst
Base 3 Joe Rachel Black
Base 3 Millie Danielle Tape
Base 3 Rosie Naomi Ritchie & Anna O’Brien
Base 4 Matt Kaylee Thompson, Kate McLeay & Kylie Hyde
Base 4 Steph Kaylee Thompson, Kate McLeay & Kylie Hyde
Base 5 Alana Matt Golley
Base 5 Darren Matt Golley
Base 6 Dylan Nina Switajewski & Emma Burckhardt

Dad’s Basketball - Next session Thursday 2nd March

A group of fun-loving Dads are meeting on the first Thursday of every month for a social basketball game in our school gym at 6.30pm, followed by a drink at the Cremorne Hotel.

All Annesley Dads are welcome and encouraged to make contact with Annesley Dad, Nick on 0411 080 235 if you would like to join in the WhatsApp group. The next catch up is Thursday 2nd March.

Early Learning Centre

Our ELC maintains a rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standards. Each licensed service across Australia is assessed in the following areas:

  • QA1 Educational program and practice
  • QA2 Children’s health and safety
  • QA3 Physical environment
  • QA4 Staffing arrangements
  • QA5 Relationships with children
  • QA6 Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • QA7 Governance and leadership

Each year we review our practice and procedures in each of these seven Quality Areas. To better in form our families of these areas and to gain your valuable feedback we have a new display at each of our ELC Community boards. Each Quality Area is displayed, information pertaining to that area is available in the holders as well as other related reading. As we systematically go through our review, we will highlight the aspects we are providing further development and improvement. We welcome your feedback into this process to ensure our ELC continues to provide service to meet the needs of our community. You can leave a note in the holder or email, Director of ELC and Daily Operations, Donna Nicolle

Meet the team that’s leading Annesley OSHC

Co-ordinator of Licensed Services, Leigh Laidler

Leigh oversees the daily management and compliance of both the ELC and OSHC Services. Leigh is the person to contact with booking enquiries. For permanent bookings please email her once set up then casual bookings can be managed through the Family Lounge app. For full OSHC booking and cancellation details please see the OSHC information tab on School Stream.

Lead Educator, Lauren Gibbs

Lauren has been a staff member here at Annesley in the ELC and is now in new roles. In the mornings she is supporting students with their learning in the Reception classes as a Personalised Learning team member. Then in the afternoons she is preparing, planning and leading the OSHC program to ensure our students have a fun, safe and welcoming experience outside of our school hours.

Lauren is focussing on getting know the students and developing a program which is engaging and meaningful to them. If you haven’t already, please introduce yourself to her, please do. Lauren will be in OSHC Monday to Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. Please let her know if you have any questions or queries.

OSHC Educators

Across the week working alongside Lauren, you will see the OSHC team, including Tim, Cleo, Annalise and Carmelanne. As our service continues to grow their will be more staff members joining the team.


The sun was shining on a perfect summer’s day as The Quest made a triumphant return for 2023.

Monday, Week 2, saw Base 4 board the tram and head for Glenelg. Students spent the morning working with instructors from the Surf Ed Program, run out of Glenelg Surf Life Saving Club. Throughout term 1, Base 4 students will make sequential visits to the beach to learn the significant skills that are required to keep themselves safe at the beach. This week students learnt about rips and water safety, while also familiarising themselves with some of the rescue equipment used by lifeguards on the beach.

What's the Buzz? Program

On Mondays this semester, our Year 1 students are participating in What’s the Buzz? for Early Learners. It is a well-regarded, highly structured 16 lesson role-play and play-based program which explores the benefits of developing social skills and friendship.  Students are immersed in a variety of fun engagements, stimulated by the experiences of a much-loved character, Archie. In each lesson the children will have the chance to help Archie solve similar social difficulties which happen in their lives. Topics covered include: meeting friends and discovering differences; sharing and taking turns; working with feelings; honesty; empathy; and worry. Through activity, discussion, role-play and quizzes, they will learn how to become a better friend and a more flexible social thinker. Annesley Chaplain and Counsellor, Pete Morton is facilitating this program with the child’s class teacher in attendance to help reinforce the learning during the week. Parents are provided with follow up resources each week to further support their child’s understanding and application at home.

Further information:

Bouncing Bean Cafe

Our new Year 6 Bouncing Bean workers are in training and loving learning work related skills.  Bouncing Bean Cafe is open every morning before school for parents, staff and families and Wednesday afternoons between 3pm and 4pm. Unify is also open for families to access each morning when the Cafe is open. Unify is located next to the Cafe in the Local Buy Annesley shop. Payment for Unify can be processed through the Cafe.

Kiss and Drop Zone

Please note that between 8.30am and 8.45am and 3.30pm and 3.45pm the area immediately outside our school gates is a Kiss and Drop zone. To facilitate the efficient and safe drop off and collection of our students, please observe the road signs and do not park in this zone.

Dogs on School Grounds

Whilst dogs are much-loved members of many Annesley families, we must keep our focus on the safety and wellbeing of all our community members onsite. For this reason, we require pet dogs to not be brought into the Annesley grounds before or after school. If your child would like to share their pet with their class, this can be arranged with their class teacher for a mutually convenient time.

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