Friday 10th March 2023

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What’s in a Name?

First Names for Annesley Staff

A few years ago, our teachers made a decision for students to use first names for all staff at Annesley. This was after a thorough and collaborative process was undertaken to reflect on the why. For us, the WHY is:

  1. The role of the teacher has changed significantly. Teachers are no longer the ‘fountain of all knowledge’ and stand on a pedestal to impart knowledge to young minds. With the students’ unlimited access to information in our digital world, our role is now to get alongside our students to observe, to mentor, to facilitate, to guide, and to support them on their own, personalised journey.
  2. Nearly all other professions have made the change from surnames to first names, yet schools have hung on to this outdated practice. We want the student experience at Annesley to reflect a modern, changing world.
  3. Relationships are a key priority at Annesley. Respect is not built into the name we call someone; it is built through a relationship. Our teachers are respected and trusted by our students because of the relationships they build.


In Year 3 to 6, we tailor our programs to reflect and meet the needs of 8-12 year olds. A few years ago, we began referring to the physical classroom space in Year 3-6 as Bases. This was designed to reflect the changing nature of a learning space and what children of this age need. They need a ‘home base’, a place that they belong, are known and are nurtured. But they also need to be given opportunities to launch from their base into their own journey of discovery in a multitude of learning environments, knowing the safety of their ‘home base’ is always available. Our students took the name ‘Base’ as an identity which is why they are now readily referred to as Base 3, Base 4, Base 5 or Base 6 students.

Teacher Mentors

As our children progress into Year 3 to 6, we often refer to Year 3 to 6 teachers as mentors. This reflects the changing nature of the teacher in our contemporary world. With so much access to information through technology, the role of the teacher is to mentor each child on their own journey, ensuring they have known their strengths, have developed their skills and discovered their passions to make an impact in their world.

New Council Members

After a competitive process, the Annesley College Council recommends, that the following professionals be appointed to the Annesley College Council and have nominated them for approval through Uniting Church SYNOD of South Australia.

Will Fuller

As Managing Director of Fuller Brand Communication, Will’s clear understanding and experience in brand and communications strategy makes him a valued advisor to his broad client portfolio and a frequent guest speaker and facilitator at workshops and events in the South Australian business community. He mentors a team of 35 young creatives and has a personal influence on every project, sharing his strategic, big picture creativity and thought leadership, ensuring that every client receives world-class creative work, customer service and most importantly returns on their marketing investment.

After completing his post-graduate studies in Communications, Will served his apprenticeship in the family business before moving to the UK and Sydney to work in PR, communications, publishing and event management.

Will and his wife Olivia have two daughters attending Annesley Junior School. When off duty he can be spotted at Adelaide Oval in a Crows scarf or attempting to look like a golfer at Grange Golf Club.

James Northcote

James is a Director in Business Advisory at William Buck, specialising in tax planning, business succession and structuring, and holds a number of Advisory Board positions, with a particular focus on agribusiness. James holds of Bachelor of Commerce and is a Chartered Accountant and has previously acted as Treasurer of Cystic Fibrosis SA. Both of James’ children attend Annesley, and he often spends weekends at kid’s sport, in the garden or maybe going for a swim.

Henrik Wallgren

Henrik is the Business Services Manager with the South Australian Wine Industry Association – the industry and employer association for wine producers and wine grape growers in South Australia. In this capacity, Henrik is responsible for the advisory, training, consultancy and policy & advocacy services primarily in relation to industrial relations, human resources, work health & safety and liquor licensing. Henrik has previously worked as a Senior Policy Adviser for an employer association, as a Policy and Media Adviser and as a politician in Sweden. Henrik has a Bachelor of Management (Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and a First Class Honours in Management (Industrial Relations) from University of South Australia. Henrik is the Treasurer of the South Australian School of Languages and has three children at Annesley.

Turkey & Syria Earthquake Appeal – Board of Directors

The student Board of Directors organised a fundraising day on Thursday 2nd of March. They made finger-knitted wristbands which were given out to students who had made a gold coin donation. The wristbands were worn as a sign of support for the people in Turkey and Syria. Members of the local Turkish community sold Turkish Coffee and Turkish delight at the Bouncing Bean café. All profits from the café during week 5 were donated to the appeal. Altogether we raised $1241.

Creating Impact: Enterprise

Students put their profits to great use!

Through our Enterprise program at Annesley, we develop entrepreneurially minded young people with the attitudes and skills needed to thrive in our rapidly changing world. 

The value that is generated through our student enterprises takes many forms and can be cultural, social, emotional, environmental, or economic.

Many of our student Enterprises made a financial profit in 2022, and these students were given an option as to how they would like their profits to be spent. We would like to acknowledge and congratulate the following 2022 Enterprise groups who have donated their profits to causes that matter to them:

Managing expenses and tracking profits

The ability to track expenses and profit/loss is an important budgeting skill for our young entrepreneurs.

The school has a healthy Enterprise budget to support the set up and development of different projects. Students can complete a purchase requisition form requesting items needed for their Enterprise projects through the school. These purchases are made by the school and are all recorded in a spreadsheet enabling students to keep track of their expenditure.

For this reason, it is our strong preference that students purchase all items for enterprise through the school enterprise budget and do not ask parents to purchase items for them to bring in.

Year 2 Natalie News

Unit of Inquiry: ‘Places can be significant to individuals and cultures in many ways’

Grandparents and Special Friends Days!

We are pleased to announce that in 2023 we will again be inviting our Grandparents and Special Friends into our learning spaces to connect with our students. This year, we will have a number of Grandparent and Special Friend events across the year with authentic, engaging experiences being planned by individual teaching teams.

Each teaching team has identified a date for each year level when Grandparents and Special Friends will be able to engage meaningfully into a learning experience with our students, offering their perspectives and experiences.

ELC –              Thursday 8th June

REC –              Wednesday 23rd August

Year 1 –           Friday 5th May

Year 2 –           Wednesday 5th April

Base 3 –           Tuesday 7th November

Base 4 –           Monday 21st August

Base 5 –           Thursday 27th July

Base 6 –           Thursday 15th June

Our teachers will provide further details leading up to each event with families but for now, please share these dates with the loved Grandparents or Special Friends in your lives who would like to attend these events.

We look forward to the precious moments these learning engagements will bring to our community!

Quest News

The week 6 Quest program has been all about camp!

Base 4 made their way down to Adare Campsite and Victor Harbor for their 3 day, 2 night camp. With the assistance of Beyond Limits, our expert experiential learning partners, students kayaked, biked, hiked, laughed and even body boarded their way through the 3 days.

Overnight camps are a significant part of the Quest program. We firmly believe that these experiences develop independence, resilience, and collaboration amongst many other qualities. The Base 4 camp at Adare is a significant steppingstone in the sequential nature of the program, as students build towards the culminating Quest event, the week-long Base 6 Road Trip.

Grevillea News

Base 3 Fringe Fun

World Peace Games

Last Friday we kicked off Day 1 of the World Peace Game at Annesley for 2023! Base 5 spent the day forming countries, world-dominating organisations and were thrown into chaos as they discovered the twenty-three world crises to solve over the next four game days! In this geo-political simulation game, our students are trusted to use their inherent wisdom to solve problems and are empowered to take positive action. They are intentionally thrown into a world of disruption but are given control to work with passion and use their collaborative, critical and creative thinking skills to work for peace.

Dad’s Basketball

A group of fun-loving Dads are meeting on the first Friday of every month for a social basketball game in our school gym at 6.30pm, followed by a drink at the Cremorne Hotel.

All Annesley Dads are welcome and encouraged to make contact with Annesley Dad, Nick on 0411 080 235 if you would like to join in the WhatsApp group.

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