Friday 5th May 2023

From the Director of Primary


A key component of being a committed educator is the need to continually reflect on our practice, seek feedback from our colleagues and students and engage in professional learning opportunities to develop our skills and knowledge. Teachers at Annesley view themselves as learners and are always looking at the best ways to support students to develop their skills, strengths and passions to create belonging and impact.

On Monday 24th April, before students returned to school, our ELC and Primary Teaching Teams were learners! It was my privilege to co-facilitate a professional learning day with Steph Bates, our Base 4 Mentor and Coordinator of Year 3-6. Our focus for the day was on strategies to build confident learners by cultivating healthy, emotional self -awareness and management, strong positive relationships and our personal intentions and skills to self-manage. Teachers, as learners practiced self-awareness by reflecting on their practice using the Australian Teacher Standards, a set of guidelines that help teachers improve their practice and ensure that they are meeting the needs of their students. We made connections with the standards to evaluate our practices to elevate the social and emotional learning of our students to build their self-confidence, enjoyment of learning and minimise the fears around taking a risk to learn.

Teachers learnt about the power of circles as an instructional model to connect students with each other and their environment. Circle routines are nurturing classroom practices that support student engagement, build wellbeing and create positive classroom communities. The use of Welcome Circles as a part of the morning meeting has now become a common practice amongst classrooms. The Welcome Circle is used to prepare students to be ready to learn by using intentional strategies to evoke positive emotions which prime students for open, flexible and engaged thinking so that they can be ready to learn.

Annesley teachers are not only committed educators but great people who acknowledge that the foundation for learning stems from strong and positive relationships. They are open to self-reflection and improvement to ensure that our learners can flourish in the world. I am so proud to be a part of a true learning community.

Sharyn Darrell

Director of Primary

Spotlight on Enterprise

Elsie (Base 3) built on her success at Sports Day by again offering a service to our community. For a gold coin donation, she provided zinc and hairspray in House colours for families to apply on Cross Country Morning. This is an innovative idea, aligns with her passion for our House events and created both belonging and impact in our community! She is working now to calculate her costs, sales and profits and will use her profits to fund her next project!

School Times and Student Safety

Term 2 has begun, and everyone is settled back into the school routine. Below is a reminder of Annesley school times.

8.45am                          Start of School Day
11.05am – 11.45am     Morning Break – 1.55pm        Afternoon Break
3.30pm                          End of School Day

We take the safety of children and our duty of care seriously here at Annesley. Teachers are on duty in the yard from 8:30am every day to supervise the arrival of children and again till 3:45pm to supervise children pick up. Outside of these times (before 8:30am and after 3:45pm) students must be supervised by a parent as staff attend to other school commitments. Any unsupervised children will be taken to OSHC and parents will be required to pay for this service. This is to ensure the safety of all children and provide a peace of mind for parents, so that they know their child is safely supervised in a specified location.

Thank you for supporting this process to ensure that all Annesley students are kept safe.

Cross Country

Cross Country Results:

Corinth: 112

Nemea: 104

Olympia: 76

Delphi: 71

Congratulations to Corinth!


Base 3 Rosie News

French News

Mother's Day Morning Tea

The Parent Event’s team have organised the upcoming Mother’s Day Morning Tea. Friday 12th May at Bouncing Bean Cafe from 8:15 – 9am. $5 raffle tickets can be purchased through school stream. Multiple prizes to be won.


Congratulations to Logan Burckhardt and Alleira Pyman on being selected in the SAPSASA Adelaide South East District AFL teams. Logan and Alleira will compete in the upcoming State-Wide tournament. We know that they will do both Annesley and the wider Adelaide South East District community proud!

Extended Absence

A reminder to families planning holidays during term time, any anticipated leave for a week or longer needs to be requested in writing to our Principal, Jo Rossiter –

Kiss and Drop Zone

This week, we have worked with Unley Council to install a new sign in the middle of our Kiss and Drop Zone for clearer communication to our community about the use of this space. We have ordered also some new signs for our fence. Please remember that between the following times, the area immediately outside our school gates is a Kiss and Drop zone.

8.15am – 8.45am

3.15pm – 3.45pm

Unley Council have provided some information about how to use a Kiss and Drop zone, to access click here.

Chess at Annesley

Chess is built into our Base 3 experiential learning program, and it kicked off with great enthusiasm! Our Base 3 learners are fortunate to work with Chess Champion and passionate advocate Alan Goldsmith each week this term to learn the strategic skills of playing chess! Watch out parents, they are in training!

World Peace Games

We are pleased to report that Base 5 at the end of Term 1 achieved World Peace by solving all23 world crises because they utilised their skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and compassion. The following students were awarded and recognised by their peers for the following prizes:

Outstanding All Around Player Award – Louis

Eco & Human Rights Award – Alleira

Peace Prize – Eliane

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