Friday 5th May 2023

From the Director of Learning and Teaching

Work Related Skills Program

At Annesley we seek to develop entrepreneurially minded young people with the attitudes and skills they need to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.  In addition to our Wednesday afternoon Enterprise program, students in Years 4-6 can apply to be part of our work-related skills program.  For each of these year levels there is a different opportunity to help run an ongoing valuable service for our school community.

Unify – Continuation of a legacy

Unify began life as a student-initiated Enterprise in 2021. The goal of its founders, Nancy and Ella was to help reduce clothing waste, while providing a more affordable school uniform option for Annesley families. When Nancy and Ella graduated from Annesley, they were keen for their legacy to continue and passed the mantle to a new team of students for 2022.

Last week our 2022 Unify team handed over responsibility for running Unify to a new team from Base 4. The outgoing team independently led a series of hands-on workshops for our new recruits. They expertly structured these learning experiences, utilising their human resources and skills collaboratively for their younger peers – learning how to learn skills which we so proudly develop in our students!

Thank you Eliane, Juliette, Harper, Florence, Matisse, Lauren, Jess, Alleira and Hannah for all your efforts at Unify. Over the last 12 months you have sold more than 100 garments, reducing landfill and raising $1155.40 to fund future student Enterprise projects at Annesley.

Welcome to Ivy, Lucy, Bronte, Indigo, Isabella, Scarlett, Edie and Elise our incoming Unify Team!

David Taylor

Director of Learning and Teaching (ELC – Year 6)

Unify and Bouncing Bean Cafe

Unify is open to our Families anytime the Bouncing Bean Café is open, as payments can be taken at the Café. The Bouncing Bean Café is open every morning between, 8.15am and 9am, during morning break time each day and Wednesday afternoon between 3pm and 4pm.

Spotlight on Enterprise

Our students require approval of a Permit to provide a service or sell a product as part of our Enterprise program. We have introduced this process to ensure students are creating quality, innovative products that have been reviewed, reflected upon, and improved. These Year 2 students visited our Principal, Jo last week to gain approval to facilitate a football program. This aligns with their passion for this sport, and they are adding value by sharing their passion with younger students. To gain approval for a coaching program, they need evidence of conferencing with PE teacher Penny during Enterprise and plans for a sequential series of sessions.

Child Safe Policy

In the Annesley News in Term 1, we introduced David Pressley, our new Risk and Compliance Officer this year. He is working to continue many initiatives to minimise risk in our school community, none more important than in the area of Child Safety. We are pleased to share that our updated Child Safe Policy has been approved by our Annesley Council. The Policy can be viewed here and also is found on our website and in the Policies Tab of School Stream.

MYR Monika News

ELC Staffing News

We have recently welcomed two new Educators to our ELC community.

Patricia Kawi has joined the Wattle team. Patricia is a Diploma qualified early childhood educator who has been working in childcare and preschools supporting children with additional needs. Prior to moving to Australia, she was a qualified Special Education Teacher in the Philippines. Our Wattle families will see Patricia at ELC each day of the week.

Lyndsey Rogers has joined the Grevillea team. Lyndsey is a qualified teacher, and she also holds a Certificate 3 in early childhood education. Lyndsey is originally from the USA and has been in Australia for many years working in childcare.

Experiential Learning - The Quest

Base 6 have begun their Quest Outdoor Classroom journey for Term 2. For the next 5 weeks students will make their way to Cleland Wildlife Park and take part in a series of experiences design to foster curiosity and a sense of belonging. This week students focused on giving back to Cleland and participated in service opportunities where the spread mulch, cleared debris and swept paths. They also learnt about the inner working of the park and had the chance to get up-close and personal with some of its residents.

Banksia News

Strength Program - Debating

Our Base 5 and Base 6 Debating Teams had their first debates this week, the debating topics were ‘Cats are better than Dogs’ and ‘Mullets should be banned at schools’. We are pleased to have been awarded a win for each debate this week! Most importantly though, they embraced each opportunity to take risks, show courage, gain feedback and learn!

IPSHA Poetry Competition

On Friday 5th May, we held our annual Poetry Recital Competition. We were pleased to have a number of entrants who were risk takers, learning the poem at short notice and performing for our external judges with skill and passion. Our winners will go on to represent Annesley at the IPSHA Poetry Recital Competition later in the term. The following students were chosen from a visiting expert panel and now being supported in their preparation by our Performing Arts Teacher, Sophie.

Base 6 – Aria

Base 5 – Harper

Base 4 – Elise

Year 1 Grandparents and Special Friends Day

We loved our Year 1 Grandparents and Special Friends Day at Annesley! Our special guests helped our students to map their family histories to deepen their Where we are in Place and Time Inquiry ‘The marketplace reflects personal histories, culture and entrepreneurial pursuits.’

Each teaching team has identified a date for each year level when Grandparents and Special Friends will be able to engage meaningfully into a learning experience with our students, offering their perspectives and experiences.

ELC – Thursday 8th June

Base 6 – Thursday 15th June

Base 5 – Thursday 27th July

Base 4 – Monday 21st August

Reception – Wednesday 23rd August

Base 3 – Tuesday 7th November

Our teachers will provide further details leading up to each event with families but for now, please share these dates with the loved Grandparents or Special Friends in your lives who would like to attend these events.

We look forward to more precious moments these learning engagements will bring to our community!

Mother's Day at Annesley

Thank you to Neil, Rayan and our wonderful Parent Events Team for a great morning tea. Congratulations to all our lucky raffle winners, there were some generous donations made from within our Annesley community and a special thanks goes out to you!

Anna Malovka – O2 Wear

Penny Proctor – Happy Life Nutrition

Lauren Thompson – Virginia Nursery

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