Friday 2nd June 2023

Principal's News

Why we are fortunate to be a stand-alone ELC & Primary School

In a ELC – Year 12 school, it is commonplace for the Junior School to be subject to the restrictions of its high-school timetables and staffing structures. In these settings, the school’s resources are often prioritised for the use of its secondary students. At Annesley every resource and every system, structure and program, is tailored and focused on our primary students.

Childhood is precious! A limited, yet crucial time of innocence, play and discovery. In our setting, our children are proudly protected from some of the influences of adolescence. I get so much joy seeing our older students at Annesley still play on our playgrounds, enjoy chasey games and climb trees during breaktimes. The best preparation for adolescence and adulthood, is a full and rich childhood.

Amongst this, our students are empowered to solve problems, make decisions, plan, build, create and lead. We are committed to ensuring our programs equip our students to manage many aspects of their own learning. Through this, they enter their secondary environment as confident and capable learners, willing to take risks, embrace feedback, set goals, measure, and reflect upon their growth. With my eldest starting high school this year, it is very apparent that his learning is structured mostly into assignments and grades. Despite receiving strong results, I am so relieved that through his time at Annesley, his mindset is primed to know intimately the key habits and attitudes of a successful learner. When reviewing his report at the end of Term 1, I said to him, ‘you have achieved extremely well this term Eamon, but don’t forget that learning muscle you learnt at Annesley. Keep setting yourself goals, seek feedback, find challenge, and embrace learning from your mistakes.’ ‘I know mum’ was his reply, he knows the value of all he learnt at Annesley and how this set him up to be a successful learner in high school.


Staffing Updates

ELC Teacher – Grevillea

After a recent competitive recruitment process, Tia Mansfield has won the role of Grevillea Teacher for Semester 2. She came to us as an experienced and qualified Early Childhood Teacher from a community Child Care Centre. In her time with us for the past 18 months she has been a valuable contributor to our ELC Learning and is well placed to take this role of ELC Teacher, providing consistency to our ELC children and families.

Base 3 Mentor

It is with great excitement that we welcome Brad Sheridan back to Annesley to teach Base 3 in Semester 2. Brad was a much-loved member of our teaching team in 2021 and 2022. After moving to Queensland late last year, Brad and his wife have decided that you can’t beat Adelaide as a place to live! Brad is grateful for the opportunity to teach again at Annesley and our students will benefit from his passion for teaching as well as his exemplary skillset and experience.

Base 6 Mentor

Christian O’Dwyer has been appointed to the role of Base 6 Mentor for Semester 2. Christian has taught as a Year 6 Teacher at St Thomas School in Goodwood since 2007. Throughout this time, he has also held leadership roles as a ‘Leader of Learning’, responsible for collecting and analysing assessment data, implementing key reporting structures, led teacher professional development and Mathematics across the school. Christian will bring an impressive skill set and a highly personable, engaging approach to building relationships with our senior students.


Ashleigh Flavel has requested and been granted leave for Semester 2. We are pleased to be able to support Ashleigh by allowing her time to focus on the wellbeing of herself and her family. This week, we have appointed Stephen Hafner to the role of Technologies Teacher in Semester 2. Stephen has most recently been teaching Robotics and Extension Maths at St Peter’s College. He has over 10 years experience teaching in primary schools, ICT and Coding Holiday programs and a clear passion for teaching in the Specialist area of Digital Technologies. There will be a thorough handover between Ashleigh and Stephen, particularly in the last week of this term.

Annesley Board of Directors

At Annesley, our student Board of Directors (BOD) plays an important role in school leadership. The BOD team consists of one representative from each class and new directors are select at random each term. This ensures that many of our students, of all different levels of confidence, have an opportunity to be part of BOD at some point during their time at Annesley.

Each team of directors discusses ways they can add value to the school and or wider community. The initiatives they develop and actions they pursue are selected by the students and almost always reflect the passions, strengths and skills of the group involved. This is certainly true of our Term 2 Board of Directors team who are currently working on 4 great initiatives.

Leo, Benjamin and Jamie love playing soccer and are working with our House Captains to organise a House soccer tournament for our Reception – Year 2 students. They saw that our older students had the opportunity to play in house competitions and believe that our younger students should have this opportunity too.

Archie, Elsie and Jude are passionate about their playtimes and are working on a project to create an outdoor play space with a large collection of ‘loose parts’ materials (tyres, wooden poles, crates, pipes, ropes etc) that all our students can enjoy playing with. This team are working with Donna, our Director of ELC (and an expert in setting up outdoor play spaces) to plan out the space.

Cultural identity is close to the hearts of our Base 5 BOD representatives Lauren and Juliette. They are organising a Multicultural Day to share and celebrate our home and family cultures. Please read their flyer for the important information you need to know about this upcoming event.

Samuel, Milla, Hamish, Bella, Ava, and Casper want to bring fun and enjoyment to the last day of term and are busily organising a PJ Day.­­­ At assembly this week, they announced plans for the day to the school.  On June 30th, the last day of Term 2, students can come to school in PJs or casual clothes, and classes can vote on a fun activity to enjoy together on this day.

When students have voice and choice and opportunities to create their own impact, they feel valued and invested in their school. Our Board of Directors is one vehicle through which we nurture a strong sense of belonging through meaningful student involvement in decisions.

Base 5 Darren News

Green Adelaide

This year, we chose a focus on the concept of Sustainability. Our learning has strong connections to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but we also have become a Green Adelaide Sustainable School. There are some key projects that we have already become involved in, and a small group of passionate parents have applied for a Green Adelaide Grassroots Grant to run Propagation Workshops with our expert partners at The Forktree Project later this year. Alex and Alice are our Environment Leaders and are pictured here with a sign for our Front Gate!

State Theatre Drama Incursion

Over the last 2 weeks, Base 6 have benefitted from the expertise and skill of professional actress, director and theatre maker, Elizabeth Hay, who came in on behalf of the State Theatre, to work with them to devise a piece of theatre based around the UN SDG 4 – Quality Education. Students learnt about and used Laban movement, gestures, music, lighting and shadow puppetry to explore what could impact Quality Education for people around the world. 

Quest News

Base 6 have rounded out their 5-week Cleland program. The culminating event of the Cleland program presents a unique opportunity for students to showcase their learning by taking on the role of park tour guides. Significant adults met students at the park and were treated to a guided tour. Groups visited a variety of enclosures and engaged in a number of learning engagements to test their knowledge. It was evident that the Base 6 student experts had developed a sense of belonging and ownership in their new found outdoor classroom.

Reconciliation Event

Base 6 were incredibly respectful and wonderful representatives for themselves, their families and the school community on Wednesday at the Unley Reconciliation Event. They watched Of Desert And Sea, an Aboriginal women’s group, perform 2 dances and the group then went on to teach attendees another dance, discussing the way they use the traditional physical symbolism of animals in their dance. The class then listened to what some other schools had been doing for Reconciliation Week including some moving poems. A great opportunity to experience something significant and important.

SAPSASA Cross Country

Congratulations to Alleira, Scarlett, Harper and Eliane on being selected in the SAPSASA Adelaide South East District Cross Country teams. A special mention to Eliane and Harper for finishing 2nd and 3rd in their race last week. All four girls will compete in the upcoming State Cross Country Day. We know that they will do both Annesley and the wider Adelaide South East District community proud!

Technologies News

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