Our People

Our People

Leadership Team

Jo Rossiter

Passionate about developing student agency and creativity, Jo devotes her time investing in each and every child at Annesley to map their own path to success. Engaging students in rich and authentic experiences and spending their time exploring significant global issues is close to her heart. As an old scholar of Annesley, Jo was influenced by her teachers and leaders to know no bounds and is rewarded by the opportunity to nurture today’s Annesley students in the same way. In her own time, Jo loves riding her bike, hiking with friends, family and her dog Scout, gardening, cooking and camping.

Sharyn Darrell
Director of Primary

Sharyn, an experienced educational leader, initially focused on wellbeing as a Counsellor and later on teaching and learning as a curriculum coordinator. Drawing from these roles, she went on to successfully lead schools as both a Principal and Deputy Principal. Passionate about continuous learning, Sharyn stays abreast of the latest educational research through reading, networking, and professional development. As a parent of two children, she values the foundational role of Primary education in fostering confident, independent learners.

Donna Nicolle
Director of ELC

Donna is an experienced Early Childhood Teacher having taught and led teams in ELC and Junior Primary settings. She has been part of the Leadership team at Annesley Junior School since its inception. She is passionate about the opportunities that play based learning provides for young learners inquiring into how the world works. She is particularly focused on how environments can best support students to demonstrate autonomy, their sense of wellbeing and the fostering of their natural curiosity whilst providing opportunities for them to share and develop their uniqueness. When not at school you will find her out enjoying the natural environment, connecting with friends and enjoying the many arts festivals our beautiful city has to offer.

David Taylor
Director of Learning & Teaching

David is the Learning and Teaching Coach at Annesley, supporting teachers and students across the school to develop challenging and engaging curriculum. He is originally from Peterborough in the UK but has moved to South Australia with his family after 13 years working at an IB World School in Abu Dhabi. Outside of school, David is a keen soccer player and loves playing his guitar.


Steph Bates
Teacher & Coordinator of Literacy

Steph teaches in the Middle Primary eagerly establishing the new Primary Years model. A lover of all things pineapple, Steph promotes goal setting and self-regulated learning using the PYP Approach to Learning. In her spare time, Steph is an avid reader and enjoys being active, particularly with two school aged children in tow. Steph recommends being like a pineapple – wear a crown, stand tall and be sweet on the inside!

Joe Paton
Teacher & Coordinator of Numeracy

Joe is a highly regarded and experienced Primary School teacher and leader. He is the current Coordinator of Numeracy at Annesley Junior School. A passion for Joe is working with other teachers to design interesting, creative and effective Maths lessons. Joe aims to actively personalise the learning for his students, seeking the right level of challenge for all so that all students are challenged in their thinking, understanding, skills and ideas. Outside of school he is an avid sports fan, reader and music/podcast listener.

Kin Maclean
Coordinator of Wellbeing & Experiential Learning

Kin is passionate about outdoors and loves all things sports related. Most of Kin’s time is spent with his young family, a newborn and an energetic toddler.

Peter Morton
Chaplain & Counsellor

Pastor Pete is the Chaplain at Annesley. He is passionate about helping people discover who they are, and how they can live out their God-given potential. Pete is an ordained Minister and marriage celebrant in the Uniting Church. He holds degrees in Engineering (Civil) and Ministry, a Master of Theological Studies, and a Grad Dip in Counselling. His home life is never quiet as he and his wife Jo raise (navigate) 5 teenage children and their cavoodle Rosie. Pete enjoys playing piano and trying to write songs which his children don’t think are lame and dated.

Gail Millar-Luke
Coordinator of Personalised Learning

Gail is Annesley’s Personalised Learning Coordinator (Reception – Year 6) and an experienced classroom and inclusive education teacher. She joined Annesley in 2015 after working in both Tasmanian and SA schools. Gail leads an experienced and passionate team of Student Support Officers (SSOs) dedicated to creating an inclusive, supportive and enriching learning environment for all students. Gail and her teamwork in partnership with teachers and parents in order to help all students thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

Lauren Gibbs
Coordinator of OSHC and Personalised Learning Educator

Lauren is Annesley's Coordinator of OSHC and a valued personalised learning educator. Lauren joined Annesley in 2020 as an educator in Annesley’s ELC. Through this experience and Laurens passion to work with all age groups, she began the role of OSHC Coordinator and PL educator. Lauren is committed to delivering a safe and nurturing environment for students to develop their passions and interests, while providing the Annesley community a professional and trusted out of school hours care program.

ELC Teachers

Olivia Lane
ELC Teacher

Olivia has enjoyed teaching and nurturing children in both the Junior School and ELC at Annesley. She feels privileged to have been able to see the school grow and be part of such a special community. In her spare time she enjoys family outings, getting dirty in the garden and creating floral design.

Dayna Hall
ELC Teacher

My name is Dayna Hall. I have been working with children for the past 15 years. I love the creativity and connection that comes from working with children. In my spare time I like to go to the beach and play netball.

Tia Mansfield
ELC Teacher

Tia has been at Annesley for three years now and is an Early Years Teacher with a passion for pre-school. Learning through play-based provocations and fostering engagement through curiosity is a core pedagogy for Tia, after all you learn the most when you're having fun! Tia embeds sustainability, cultures and First Nations perspectives and ways of being into her practice daily, feeling strongly about giving every child the chance to engage in and belong to a warm community of open-minded, empathetic and determined problem solvers. When Tia isn't having fun here at Annesley she is most likely at home cuddled up with some chocolate or exploring some of Adelaide's many great restaurants.

Charity Makris
ELC Teacher

Charity is an experienced early childhood teacher. She is committed to nurturing wellbeing and learning through structure and warmth in the ELC. Charity and her team of educators achieve this by providing consistency and predictability in routines, interactions and expectations, as well as a calm environment full of engaging invitations to play.

Primary Teachers

Matt Eldridge

Matt is an experienced IB teacher and a committed lifelong learner, undertaking a range of recent professional learning in the IB Approaches to Learning and in Restorative Practices. Matt’s extensive experience in independent schools includes being a Special Events Coordinator, Musical Director, member of the Chapel Band and has lead student development research projects. In previous roles, Matt has also been the IB PYP Coordinator and is also a qualified Graphic Designer and expert photographer, Matt is an empathetic, warm, creative and dynamic teacher.

Penny White

Penny spends her Mondays – Wednesdays teaching the 2023 Mid-Year Receptions. Her passion is ensuring all children feel welcome, involved and have fun in their learning. When she’s not at work, Penny refocuses her inexhaustible energy to entertain her two young sons’ notoriously short attention spans. When they’re all tuckered out, Penny finds solace in books, your go-to person for the latest recommendations featured on her bookstagram.

Laura Greeves

Laura is a passionate early years teacher with many years experience in teaching the IB PYP. She enjoys getting to know her students and supporting them in achieving their individualised goals and celebrating their successes. Laura loves animals, specifically dogs and loves spending her weekends with family and friends enjoying good food and wine. Laura grew up in the Clare valley and as an adult has spent time living in Adelaide and the UK.

Alana Iannazzo

Alana is a long term member of the Annesley community, having begun her teaching journey here in 2015. During this time, she has worked in Year 1, ELC and most recently Visual Arts. The most significant thing about Annesley for Alana is the wonderful community and the relationships she has formed with families, staff and children over this time. She is excited to continue her journey in 2024 as part of the Year 2 team.

Katie Cummins

Katie is an experienced Early Childhood teacher. She began her career teaching in ELC, Reception and Year 1 in Adelaide before moving to Singapore where she taught at the Australian International School. She believes that the first years of school are pivotal as they provide a foundation for children to develop skills, confidence and independence. Katie believes being a child’s early years teacher is an amazing position as you are able to give them a great beginning to their educational journey.

Alana Dales

Alana is an experienced teacher who is passionate about building relationships with students. She believes for students to be successful at school they must feel safe and secure, an environment she fosters and works with students to create in the classroom. She has a strong passion for Mathematics. She consciously applies a real-world context to different topics so that students can see a purpose.

Monika Falk

Monika has been a teacher at Annesley for six years. She has enjoyed opportunities to work in both the primary school and early learning center, treasuring the many positive relationships she has made with the children and their families. Children are at the center of every choice she makes, which is reflective in the way the learning environment is set up to create space for all learners to feel a sense of wellbeing and agency. Monika has a passion for dance and movement to support wellbeing. Movement is also incorporated throughout the day in both Literacy and Mathematics, engaging the children in real play-based learning.

Jodie Johnson

Jodie has been part of the Annesley community for several years, previous to that she taught in in both the UK and Singapore. Jodie has a passion for hands on active learning and believes every child is a unique and capable learner. She enjoys learning alongside children both in and outdoors in natural environments where she can support the children to learn through play in an engaging and fun way.

Darren Richardson

After teaching at International IB schools, in Timor-Leste and Istanbul, Türkiye, for a period of seven years Darren Richardson has brought his experience to base 5 at Annesley for the past year. He is passionate about teaching the IB Primary Year’s Program and his last role in Türkiye was leading the teaching and learning in his school as the PYP Coordinator. This year he facilitated the pilot of the Human Interdependence project here at Annesley. He and his young family are enjoying being settled back in Adelaide.

Millie Walker

Millie embodies the qualities of an enthusiastic and compassionate educator, driven by a profound commitment to wellbeing. Recognising the pivotal role of forging meaningful connections, Millie actively foster relationships with her students, colleagues, and the bro community. Her dedication to learning, language, and literature are centred in her teaching approach, prompting students with meta cognitive questions in b class discussions and individual goal setting sessions.

Leanne WIlliams

Leanne is an experienced Early Childhood and Junior Primary teacher. This enables her to nurture a positive transition to school, by creating an engaging learning environment that respects and values the uniqueness and potential each child brings.

Gaby Lugg

Gaby is an accomplished Early Years educator, teaching Reception students for the last 16 years at a variety of Adelaide independent schools. She has particular expertise in supporting children and their families in their transition between Early Learning and Reception with a focus on creating positive and trusting relationships. Gaby is passionate about the Reggio Emilia Early Learning philosophy for Education enhancing our inquiry learning. Her knowledge of early literacy has been an asset to the Reception team at Annesley.

Thea Simpson

Thea is an experienced IB and Early Years Teacher and has been teaching for 6 years in various roles from ELC and Mid-Year Reception to Year 2. Thea began her teaching journey while studying as a Co-Educator at Annesley ELC and has previously relieved in the school before coming back to teach Year 2 in 2023. Before Annesley, Thea was teaching at St Andrew’s School in Mid-Year Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. During her years of experience, she has been most passionate about fostering positive relationships with children, the importance of children’s development through play, making meaning through inquiry based learning and connecting learning to the wider community.

Kim Probin

Kim nurtures a learning environment that encourages exploration and questioning both within and outside the classroom. Functioning as a collaborative facilitator, she prioritises working with students to establish a welcoming, safe, and calm atmosphere for learning. She has experience in developing and teaching preventative health and educational wellbeing programs, which is a subject close to her heart. Kim is currently pursuing a Masters of Education and Wellbeing at Flinders University. She has taught in The U.K., Germany, and The Bahamas, adding a diverse perspective to her approach to primary education.

Christian O'Dwyer

Christian is an experienced educator in the middle years. Christian has transitioned primary school students into high school for the past 22 years. He has been a lead teacher in Catholic education, leading staff in data analysis, Mathematics, Literacy, entrepreneurship, Physical Education and student leadership.

Teresa Hudson

Teresa has been a teacher in independent R-12 schools since 2005. She has also worked as an education consultant for Catholic Education SA. Teresa has a Masters in Educational Leadership. She is passionate about classroom teaching and works hard to build secure relationships with the students she teaches to foster an engaging and effective learning environment.

Michelle Hicks

Michelle has recently migrated with her family to Australia from the UK. She has worked at Woodlands Primary School in Kent for the past 15 years and held teaching positions in Year 3 to Year 6 as well as the role of Assistant Principal with key responsibilities of leading wellbeing and literacy in her previous school. Michelle is a skilled and experienced teacher who builds effective relationships with her students as a strong foundation for learning engagement.

Specialist Teachers

Sophie Waller
Performing Arts, Drama & Music Teacher

Sophie, a dedicated educator with experience in junior primary and primary education, is passionate about creating personalised and engaging learning environments. Since moving from the UK to Australia in 2019, she actively contributes to Drama SA while embracing opportunities in South Australia for her family.

Sarah Walsh
Visual Arts Teacher

Sarah began working with children in 1997 and is passionate about humanising education. She loved the experience of working in international schools, before having her daughters Isabel and Eliza. Outside school hours she is a keen gardener and enjoys the company of her friends and large family.

Christiana Schammer
Science Teacher

Christiana is a passionate teacher who is the specialist Science teacher for Early Years and Primary students. She grew up on a farm catching tadpoles and climbing trees and this connection to the environment is evident in her room and lessons. She is keen to develop and encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity in all students. Christiana enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters when not at work and during holidays they often set out exploring and camping in the great outdoors.

Penny Rawinski
Health and PE Teacher

Penny is a passionate Health and Physical Educator. She focuses on helping students develop the skills and knowledge that gives them the confidence and motivation to lead healthy and active lives. Outside of school Penny enjoys being at the beach with her family or running some of the local trails.

Penny Marshall
Visual Arts Teacher

Picasso once said “Every child is an Artist” and I am passionate about encouraging this sentiment in my Visual Art classes. Every child deserves to learn how to express themselves and I believe Art is a wonderful medium to embrace our feelings, senses and of course creativity.

Stephen Hafner
Technologies Teacher

Stephen is a compassionate and dedicated Technologies teacher with experience in a wide range of junior primary and primary education in both Australia and the United States. He is passionate about fostering a love of learning through engagement and creativity. He strives to integrate purposeful use of technology in his classes to highlight the many learning styles of his students and provide an opportunity for students to show what they know. Stephen is an avid basketball fan and enjoys actively participating in a variety of sports in his free time.

Zac Venning
Health and PE Teacher

Zac is an enthusiastic and creative Health and Physical Education Teacher. He is extremely passionate about all things Health and PE and strives to encourage and promote lifelong physical activity in all our students. To go alongside his love for sport, Zac loves to spend time with family and friends, and head to the beach.

Gem Dupont
French Teacher

Gem has been a teacher since 1998 and is passionate about wellbeing, fostering a curiosity for languages and a global mindset. She nurtures a learning environment that is welcoming, safe and calm, stemming from a background in teaching refugees and Steiner teaching. Gem is half French and speaks French and German fluently. She taught in Paris for 6 years, in Germany for 3 and in a range of primary schools in Adelaide, in particular, Highgate Primary in the bilingual French program, whilst editing the 9.0 French curriculum. She loves horse riding, pilates, reading, Salsa dancing and enjoying life with friends, family and her funny, little puppies.

Personalised Learning Team

Sallyanne Probert
Personalised Learning Teacher

Sallyanne comes to Annesley with a broad range of teaching experience in SA, NSW and the UK. She is passionate about supporting all students' learning needs and has completed a Master of Special and Inclusive Education through the University of Sydney. Sallyanne enjoys bringing her special education experience and knowledge back into mainstream classrooms to ensure that students are given the best opportunity to achieve their personal goals by supporting teachers and families as well.

Belinda Brennan
Personalised Learning Educator

Kate Hogarth
Personalised Learning Educator

Stacey McSheffrey
Personalised Learning Educator

Jodie Brookes
Personalised Learning Educator

Lauren Gibbs
Personalised Learning Educator and Coordinator of OSHC

Deb Hollamby
Personalised Learning Educator