Annesley has partnered with Swanbury Penglase to create a Master Plan to address our need for increased flexible indoor learning spaces for our expanding student population and staff team.

The Master Plan process has focused on our site as a whole. The scope of this planning process has centred primarily on the Courtyard at the rear of Gillingham Hall, the buildings and spaces surrounding the Courtyard as well as the significant, locally heritage listed Patchell Building located on Greenhill Rd. Our goal has been to achieve increased flexible, engaging indoor spaces while maximising the surrounding outdoor spaces, and to bring the Patchell Building, which has been dormant for a number of years, back to life. This will involve necessary remediation work to ensure structural integrity of the building and refurbishment to create learning spaces where its rich heritage can be revealed, experienced, honoured and enjoyed by students.

Stage 2 of the Master Plan

We have recently completed Stage 1 of our Master Plan works, partnering with heritage specialist architects Swanbury Penglase and Sarah Construction to deliver innovative learning and teaching spaces, whilst also honouring the heritage of our School in our courtyard precinct. Delivery of Stage 2 of our Master Plan, which relates to the revitalisation of the historic Patchell Building on Greenhill Road, can now get underway.

In preparation for Stage 2, a thorough investigation into the structural integrity of the building was undertaken. This investigation highlighted some safety concerns about a small section of the western end of the building. Following advice from structural engineers and consideration of the potential safety risks to the community, a decision to demolish a small section of the Patchell Building was taken. This decision was not taken lightly and ensures that the rest of this historic and much-loved building can be restored and enjoyed by future generations.

This week, the City of Unley Council Assessment Panel approved our application to commence the Stage 2 Master Plan works on the Patchell Building, including internal and external restoration of the building and the minor demolition required to the structurally unsound section. As an Old Scholar, I understand the significance of this building to our School’s 120-year history and communication with our Old Scholars Association will continue to be a high priority in this process.

The current Master Plan does not include plans to rebuild the western end of the Patchell Building, however Stage 2 has been carefully designed by Swanbury Penglase to allow for the option in the future. The original stonework will be preserved for this purpose. Any future plans will be considered in consultation with the Annesley community as the school continues to grow and expand.

We are excited that through the development of the Patchell Building, scheduled to commence next year, we will bring life back into this important but currently underutilised building. Our students will be able to learn and experience the history and beauty of the building, and our school, as part of their everyday learning.

Maintaining and teaching the students about the building’s heritage value and rich history has been a key design focus for our team in working with the architects on the Master Plan. In keeping with this, some of the original features will be retained internally during the fit-out to help tell the historical story of Annesley College.

We look forward to sharing the design plans with the community for this exciting expansion project shortly.

Jo Rossiter, Principal

Stage 1 of the Master Plan

Stage 1 of our Master Plan was completed at the end of Term 2. It incorporates two new flexible learning spaces, breakout spaces for student collaboration, two new music rooms for Primary Years students, along with a new office and meeting space for our Chaplain and Counsellor, Pastor Pete. These spaces are being enjoyed and fully utilised to further enhance teaching and learning at Annesley.

Annesley acknowledge the financial assistance from the South Australian Government in the form of State Government Independent Non-Government School Capital Grant of $90,000. The contribution to Stage 1 of the Master Plan is valued and appreciated by our school community.

Annesley is in a strong position, committed to what is best for children. We continue to significantly invest in our people, resources, and physical spaces as we implement our vision to develop skills, strengths, and passions to create belonging and impact.

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