Annesley has partnered with Swanbury Penglase to create a Master Plan to address our need for increased flexible indoor learning spaces for our expanding student population and staff team.

The Master Plan process has focused on our site as a whole. The scope of this planning process has centred primarily on the Courtyard at the rear of Gillingham Hall, the buildings and spaces surrounding the Courtyard as well as the significant, locally heritage listed Patchell Building located on Greenhill Rd. Our goal has been to achieve increased flexible, engaging indoor spaces while maximising the surrounding outdoor spaces. We are about to embark on the implementation of Stage 1 of our Master Plan. We will be creating two new flexible learning spaces, a new ‘breakout space’ for student collaboration, two new music tuition rooms for Primary Years students, along with a new office and meeting space for our Chaplain and Counsellor, Pastor Pete.

Annesley is in a strong position, committed to what is best for children. We continue to significantly invest in our people, resources, and physical spaces as we implement our vision to develop skills, strengths, and passions to create belonging and impact.

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