In Our Blueprint for Success 2017 – 2020, we embedded three overarching pillars: Heritage, Values and Innovation. These pillars encapsulate Annesley’s rich educational history, our organisational heartbeat and our commitment to holistic education that empowers young people to make an impact now, not just in the future. Heritage, Values and Innovation are as poignant now as they were in 2017.

We now boldly embark on our next chapter, 2021-2025, with a clear continuation of our focus on a personalised, meaningful educational experience for every child. Our Future Map 2021-2025 outlines our clear commitment to the implementation of our vision: Developing skills, strengths and passions to create belonging and impact. This document has been created to clearly state our ongoing priorities in what is a currently complex global agenda, empowering our students with the skills they need to be self-aware, global citizens of high impact.

The priorities outlined in Our Future Map 2021-2025 will drive our investment in our people, spaces and future. 2021-2025 at Annesley will see a clear continuation of our commitment to personalised learning as set out in our Blueprint for Success 2017-2020. From Term 2 onwards, our Principal, Luke Ritchie will be actively working to positively engage our students, staff and families in the implementation of Our Future Map 2021-2025.

At Annesley, we are passionate about and committed to:

  • A continuation of the Annesley experience and approach for our students from 2017-2025
  • Inquiry based learning that empowers our students with the skills they need to learn how to learn
  • Explicit teaching, assessment and reporting of the Foundational Skills in Mathematics, English and all other Learning Areas of the Australian Curriculum
  • Seamless continuation of the quality International Baccalaureate Program of Inquiry where children have a voice, are known and are cared for
  • Creating opportunities for our students to become acutely self-aware, develop and use their strengths and passions with sincere purpose and strong identity
  • Understanding and collaborating with others in developing and using their Transversal Skills
  • Students contributing to the Annesley community and society more broadly, leading to a strong sense of belonging and impact
  • Equipping our strong team of professionals with quality, ongoing Professional Learning and a genuine voice in the culture of our School

We are grateful to Mr Louka Parry, CEO of The Learning Future, who provided rich insights and advice during the creation of Our Future Map 2021-2025. Louka works globally to support educators, schools, leaders and organisations to thrive in our constantly changing world – including UNESCO, the OECD, PWC, the AFL, Microsoft, Apple and the at Stanford University. Louka is a proud South Australian, being a member of the Green Adelaide Board and receiving recent recognition as one of The Advertiser’s ‘Top 40 Under 40.’

Global resources we have utilised in the creation of Our Future Map 2021-2025 include:

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