It is my pleasure to welcome you to Annesley.

At Annesley, our dedicated team has a clear focus on creating the best outcomes for our students, which includes their total wellbeing and learning from Early Years to Primary Years. We empower every student to become active and aware global citizens by instilling a passion for life-long learning as part of a distinctive value-based education. We believe children are capable now not just in the future and help them develop their individual passions and strengths.

Annesley is proud to be a Christian school. We are focused on exciting plans for the future.

Want to visit Annesley?

I invite you to book a personal tour of our centrally located school with its park-style setting on the fringe of Adelaide’s CBD in Wayville.

Luke Ritchie
Principal, Annesley Junior School

Our Principal's Current Read

September 2020

Book: Hope; Moments of Inspiration in a Challenging World by Tim Costello

Luke’s Reflection: ‘Tim Costello is a man that I admire and draw great inspiration from. His commitment to the development of others, from the globe’s business and political leaders to the poorest of the poor in India’s slums, is second to none. He has been named in the Australian of the Year Awards and been awarded and Order of Australia. He is an accomplished CEO, author and one of the leading voices on social justice and global poverty.

‘In a world that is full of challenging and soul-searching events, Tim shares stories that he has encountered, often in everyday life, but also in the most dramatic of circumstances. It is a thought provoking collection that meditates on the importance of love, faith and life. A book to savour and reflect on.’

In a year of great global challenge, Tim’s reflections are timely and impactful.’

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