It is my pleasure to welcome you to Annesley.

At Annesley, our dedicated team has a clear focus on creating the best outcomes for our students, which includes their total wellbeing and learning from Early Years to Primary Years. We empower every student to become active and aware global citizens by instilling a passion for life-long learning as part of a distinctive value-based education. We believe children are capable now not just in the future and help them develop their individual passions and strengths.

Annesley is proud to be a Christian school. We are focused on exciting plans for the future.

Want to visit Annesley?

I invite you to book a personal tour of our centrally located school with its park-style setting on the fringe of Adelaide’s CBD in Wayville.

Luke Ritchie
Principal, Annesley Junior School

Our Principal's Current Read

June 2020

Book: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Luke’s Reflection: ‘Well my friends… pull up your pillow and blanket, put your devices in another room, make sure the room is dark and cool and… go to sleep – for 8 hours a day! I can see why Matthew Walker’s book Why We Sleep, grounded in scientific research, is an international best seller. If you are up for a read that will confront your preconceived ideas about the importance of sleep, this is for you. I struggled to put this book down, learning about how I have been going wrong with sleep, and coffee drinking, for years. ‘Individuals fail to recognise how their perennial state of sleep deficiency has come to compromise their mental aptitude and physical vitality, including the slow accumulation of ill health’ (p. 137). Not only is this a truly fascinating read, it provides practical guidance on improving how and when we sleep. I’m now off for my siesta… ‘zzzzzzzzzzzz…..’

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