The Annesley Values

We promote and honour a list of set values at Annesley, having an intentional focus on and learning about a different value each month. The Annesley Values are Courage, Respect, Humility, Responsibility, Integrity, Resilience, Justice, Compassion, Civility and Gratitude. Our Chaplain and Counsellor, Pastor Pete, creates a Valuable Action linked to each of the Annesley Values. These Valuable Actions assist us in defining, better understanding and applying the Annesley Values in our everyday lives. Below are recent examples of our Valuable Actions:

Valuable Action: Courage gives the hope I need, not just to cope but to succeed.

Valuable Action: I show respect, as well as honour, when I am considerate towards another.

Valuable Action: Humility does not have the intention to try and get all of the attention.

Valuable Action: I can be trusted with even more, because of what I’ve done before.

Valuable Action: Who I am and how I live, doesn’t change for who I’m with.

Valuable Action: If challenge comes from different sides, I won’t give up or compromise.

Valuable Action: Justice stands for right and fair, not just for myself, but for those I care.

Valuable Action: With a sincere heart I will offer, a generous hand towards another.

Valuable Action: Our view might see things differently, but difference is of worth to me.

Valuable Action: A grateful attitude is this, to see each day on earth a gift.

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