Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

Jo Rossiter
School Principal

From the moment you walk through the gates at Annesley, you are greeted with a sense that something is different. Whilst there is an inviting embrace of community that is warm and familiar, the sound of children with their bright eyes and bright ideas, playing amongst nature becomes more present and the realisation that something special is happening is unavoidable. As you watch children engage in real life experiences, you are drawn in, captivated by their curiosity and in awe of their confidence.

At Annesley, we are unapologetically focused on your child’s education experience, in the here and the now. Celebrating their age and their stage, as well as their unique skills and passions. But great individual learning is not the only result of choosing an education with us, the magic is in the journey and knowing that these years are their most formative.

Our why is centred around a progressive and innovative approach to education. Custom-created, co-learning spaces with our dedicated and compassionate teachers. Providing the foundation for the development of literacy and numeracy, enabling students to inquire and build a true understanding of the world.

Through our truly unique programs, students are encouraged to explore beyond their comfort zones in a safe, supportive learning community, allowing them to adapt and evolve as resilient human beings, making every day at Annesley one to remember.

We are truly passionate about ensuring your child leaves here with so much more than just an education. They leave with an identity, an understanding and an image of themselves that prepares them for a lifetime of learning, no matter who they choose to become.

We dare to become, so they can be themselves today and be anything they want tomorrow.