Specialist Lessons

Specialist Lessons

Specialist Lessons

At Annesley, our students discover their passions and develop their skills through weekly engagement in an extensive Specialist Program
At the heart of successful learning is a child that is truly known. A child that is known is supported in all their learning strengths and challenges. We lean into genuine relationships with our students to create a positive environment for academic achievement. Each child is challenged through genuine inquiry and explicit teaching to grow in their journey as active, responsible and ethical global citizens.

IB’s Primary Years Program
Annesley is an International Baccalaureate (IB) School and the Primary Years Program (PYP) is the foundation for our learning and teaching. Our connection with each child and their social, emotional and intellectual needs informs our practice which results in a truly personalised learning program. Our curriculum is focused on developing a diverse skill set to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. A strengths-based approach prepares our learners to contribute in an ever-changing world and ensures they are ready to make their unique mark on the world.

Specialist Subjects

Health & Physical Education (PE)

We acknowledge the connection between mind and body and value the role exercise plays in overall wellbeing. Our Physical Education program is delivered by a specialist teacher and designed to develop movement skills and create healthy habits for an active lifestyle.


A second language is key to developing global citizens with experiential knowledge of other cultures. Our students participate in regular French lessons that provide listening and speaking opportunities for purposeful language use. Learners engage with a growing range of texts that help them communicate in French with confidence. Nous aimons la France!

Visual Arts

Art is a powerful medium to represent ideas about the world. Our specialist program engages students in creating and reflecting on art to develop their understanding of place and activate higher-order thinking. We create a community of learners who connect with art to express, challenge and inspire.


We equip students with the language and skills to innovate and create with technology. Digital systems are used to design and create solutions in our purpose-built Innovation Station. The space is designed to foster collaboration and provides access to the latest technologies including 3D design tools, 3D printers, programmable robots and drones.

Music & Performing Arts

Performing Arts is a place where students can find their voice. Opportunities for self-expression can be found through mastering a musical instrument, performing on stage, or providing technical off- stage support. Our young artists are engaged on an intellectual, emotional and sensory level as they create and present their art to our community.


Questions about the natural world find their place in our science lessons. Curiosity and critical thinking skills are nurtured as students apply scientific methods to draw conclusions about the world around them. Together we explore the natural environment and the changes made to it through human activity.